Why buy Pinz Brass Guitar Bridge Pins?

anglepinzBecause they look fantastic !  Pinz are a unique design that look good and sound great. All types are slotted.

They are intrinsically beautiful – compliments to George who does the engraving and the boys that make them.

We’ve found they give slightly greater clarity of and separation between notes.

Blank, they are discretely classy.

The engraved version is deeply personal, and helps make your guitar even more yours.

The inlaid versions are absolutely stunning in the flesh, with our favourite being the Paua.

If you’re wondering about Paua, it’s the Australia/New Zealand version of Abalone – so just like the dots and inlays on many guitars.  Oh, and mother of pearl comes in ‘black’ as well as white, though that black is more of a textured smoky grey !  It’s all natural shell we use so subject to all kinds of exciting variation in colour and pattern making each set unique.

pinonbackaWe are also prepared to bet you the purchase price that they will enhance the sound of your guitar.  We have no scientific proof of this, but the feedback we’ve had has included comments such as “they look and sound fab”, “cheapest enhancement to a guitar’s sound I’ve found”, “makes my T**** guitar sound sooo much better !”

They’ll never break and they make string changing faster and safer.

All for so little  !  So go on, treat yourself , order via the link above !

(If you want to hear a voice and find out more, call us on +44-1736-751781)


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