What are Pinz?

gbpPut simply Pinz are slotted brass bridge pins for acoustic guitars.  But they’re more than just that.

They are a unique enhancement to your guitar.

Pinz started as blank or – uniquely in the world – engraved pins, and we’ve since added abalone/paua and mother of pearl inlaid versions, and more recently Bass versions.

Blank they reflect light nicely; engraved, they put your name on the guitar.  The new inlaid versions look just beautiful, and can colour key to your instrument.

The story of Pinz is really simple :  my main guitar, a Lakewood D-12 that is a far better guitar than I am guitarist,  is now quite some years old.  My pal George walked in one day with his old Fender, and showed me some brass pins he’d found, cut the top off, and engraved an ‘F’ on each one.  I liked the look so much I asked him to do some for my guitar with an ‘R’ on (my name’s Rob !).

George couldn’t get any more brass pins so, I got some made and that was the start of Pinz.
closeallWe’ve made them for a little while now as blank or engraved, and the inlaid versions were new for 2005.  Oh, and we often get asked so I’ll tell you,  they are slotted !

The picture here is my Lakewood with the original prototype set of Pinz right handed in Script, while the R in the other picture shows the Roman version.

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