Custom Engraved

EUR 45

You can have almost anything you like ! At Left is BUTTON right handed in script for example. Many names like Robert or Martin fit happily, but you can mix and match symbols, numbers and letters like *PAUL*. We do two type styles so please make your selection in the box, then enter the 6 letters you want. For a star just type (Star), (note) for note and so on(heart/dolphin/moon), Paua,MoP or Black for inlay.

Ordering guide:
First select in the top box the typestyle (Roman or Script) you want.  Make sure that you also select Right or Left handed (to read correctly top to bottom in the playing position) or Upright (to read correctly left to right when on a stand with the headstock uppermost). Shown is an upright Roman R over a right handed Script R.  Then in the second box put in the letters and/or symbols you want engraved (one per pin !). The symbols available are the same as for standard engraved above. If you have other specific symbols we may be able to help – call or mail us as on the contact page.

Letter style:

Your 6 chosen letters

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