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All systems go !

We like to keep things real simple at Pinz UK, but here’s a couple of things that we often get asked about that may help your decision, no hard sell, just fact :

We often get asked ‘Are they slotted?’ – YES, they are !

Pinz is a second business for me so when you get to the Paypal payment link, it is in the name of  PayPal has proven to be the most cost-effective way of taking payment – it doesn’t require you to have a PayPal account and you can just use your card in the regular way. We love it for many reasons, if you don’t, please tell us but try it first !

Delivery cost is included in the price advertised, there is no extra cost for delivery.  Pinz UK use postal services which are mostly extraordinarily reliable.  On occasion things do go wrong and we always put our customers first in trying to sort problems, usually at our expense.  For example we recently had a set going to the USA that took 6 weeks to arrive.  About 5 weeks into that we sent a second set to our customer at no expense to them.  The second set arrived first.  The customer now has 2 sets for the price of one.  You can understand we work hard to avoid this ! It does not often happen, this latest incident making it maybe 4 times in all the years, and we do know what happens as we use services that require a signature on delivery…

We also get asked ‘Will they fit my guitar ?‘  The answer is almost always YES.  However, fit is a really interesting topic if you have a mind for it !  Many people also ask ‘Are Pinz 3 or 5 degree taper ?’Well, the answer is neither but do read on a little.  We have seen many Martin guitars with original pins that sit rather proud of the bridge.  We have seen many Gibson guitars where the pins sit so flush there is no room for change.  We have seen variations around and beyond these.  We have used 3 degree taper pins in 5 degree holes and vice versa, and they all pretty much work !  So we have designed Pinz as neither 3 nor 5 degree, but sized them to fit as many guitars as we can, and they do ! We know there are those Pinz do not fit like my Vintage VT100N travel guitar which had really small pins and holes as befits a travel guitar.  I did a real ugly job of reaming the holes to fit Pinz, and it all works fine now.  We do not recommend you ream your pin holes to fit though.  If you really want to, please talk to your local luthier first. Worst case scenario, you send them back to us and we send you your money!  Will they fit my Bass ? Again we do our best to make sure they do, but as there is no standard on occasion they don’t.  We have (as of March 2017) had an issue with a Boulder Creek bass, a Woodstock bass,and worst the new Martin BCPA4 bass.  The Martin pins are slotted but smaller, so ours do not fit alas !  We are thinking it’s time to make some of the smaller type !

We also get asked a lot ‘What about the sound?‘  Sound is subjective, so in the ear of the listener more than anything perhaps.  We have had plenty of really nice comments from our customers about the sound as well as the appearance, which tells us more than anything.  We are still quite cautious about it as the truth is that in our experience we have put Pinz into a cheap guitar and heard no difference.  I use Pinz in my Lakewood which is a more middle market instrument, and I believe I can hear a small beneficial difference, mostly in the separation between strings and the definition note to note.  We haven’t had anyone who’s tried Pinz say that the sound is harmed although there are plenty around the web who say otherwise though I don’t know their grounds for saying so.  We think they have either no effect or a small beneficial one.  We have had some resounding compliments from the Bass users too.  Worst case scenario, you try them and don’t like them, you send them back to us and we refund your money so what’s not to like ?

We know they look good, we know the manufacturing quality is a cut above, we like what they do to the sound, we are totally confident in our product, so you can go ahead and order with confidence !

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