Bass Guitar Pins for Acoustic Bass

bp015wPinz for Bass have arrived !  These big beautiful brassy babes are a joy to behold and use.


If you’ve ever lost or broken a bass pin you’ll know they can be almost impossible to get hold of having to order them and wait while they arrive from overseas.  Well, no longer, we have them as stock items.

Bass Pinz are designed to fit most basses that use slotted pins and tweaked so they fit more easily and hold and release better than plastic.  Just like regular Pinz they are available in 3 types of shell inlay, Mother of Pearl, Paua and Black Mother of Pearl as you can see in this picture.  The pic here shows a set installed on my Hofner and at left a pair of MoP Pinz in the regular acoustic size for comparison.

bp055Just like regular 6 string Pinz, Bass Pinz are slotted ! This is still the most common question we get ! WARNING – if your bass uses unslotted pins Pinz for Bass will probably not fit as the two types are distinct and different ! We have also just discoverd in 2017 that the new Martin BCPA4 bass uses slotted pins that probably of the smaller type and our Pinz for Bass do not fit

WARNING 2 ! – If you use a .130 / 3.3mm string for your lowest on a 5-string, they are a very tight fit in normal pins. They will fit with a tail of the string dangling inside the guitar and sound transfer and grip seems OK but may not be. We now produce a special 5th string pin with an enlarged slot to allow a better fit with these bigger diameter strings ! They come as part of our 5 string sets and you can see them by a slightly different version of our logo.

bp053This shows you the size comparison for regular and Bass Pinz.  Each pin is branded on the barrel, which is positioned to help the hold and release of the pin in the bridge.  There’s thought gone into them, we try to produce smart designs and you can see the slight variation in shape for each product.

bp046Bass Pinz are available with Mother of Pearl, Paua/Abalone or Black Mother of Pearl  inlays.  This picture shows a comparison of them.  If you want and ask us nicely, because we hand finish each set, we will even mix inlays for you at no extra cost, so you can have a set just like this rather than all Paua or all MoP !  Oh, and there’s 4 or 5 string sets available on the order page, so go on, treat yourself….

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