Make your guitar look better with Pinz brass bridge pins !!

MARCH 2019 update : It is with regret that we are taking Pinz off the market after current stocks are sold. This site and the bank account and PayPal account will close no later than the end of March.  This is NOT Brexit related although we are very disappointed in our politicians.  We have had a massive price increase which we find is not sustainable however we work the figures.  Much as we love our customers, we do have to make money to keep producing Pinz and this is currently not viable. As a concept and trademark Pinz will still exist, but we are not replacing stock.



Here at Pinz UK we produce something that we think is more pleasing to look at and listen to than the standard type pins supplied with most guitars. Certainly having 6 bits of cheap plastic holding your strings into a carefully crafted guitar feels wrong.

Our original product lines are engraved or plain flat topped brass pins.  In 2005 we added natural shell inlaid versions. They are all slotted and hand finished in the UK to the highest standard.

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MARCH 16th 2019 Update

We only have 5 sets of Bass of all types left plus one of Paua. We have 2 Heart, 2 Dolphin, 2 Note, and 1 Star, in standard engraved types ! After that, there is nothing at least for now.  Oh, in fact there are a few slight seconds – ask us !

We are using a new type of packaging – recyclable food grade coated tins with natural wool for padding.  Heaven forbid you should be wool allergic, but tell us if you are.

For you acoustic BASS players, we have developed a 5th STRING BASS PIN suitable for .130 strings ! These now come as standard with 5 string sets.

Warning, we have discovered that our Pinz for Bass do not fit the new Martin BCPA4 Bass.

Both 4- and 5-string versions of the big beautiful Bass Pinz are still available but only a few !



Bass Pinz Variations and 2 regular Pinz for scale.

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